On the Edge of Seventeen: Stevie Nicks & Gabriella Cilmi

Stevie Nicks ~ Bella Donna

While posting the last couple of articles about young Gabriella Cilmi, this song intruded … “on the edge of seven teen”. Stevie Nicks, another young singer songwriter with a massive presence, though her fairy-like soulful countenance is nothing like Cilmi’s old soul, simmering sexuality.

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Nothing Sweet About Me: Gabriella Cilmi’s enthralling presence

Gabriella Cilmi ~ Lessons to be Learned

I’d watched this video a few dozen times before learning that Cilmi was just 17 when it was produced. Oh, my, God! A Nabokovian nymph leaving a wake of men so enthralled they hardly notice or care for their sad state of bondage. Uhhhhmmm…. Excuse me….. I seem to be […]

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Traveling to Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ Double Trouble ~ Little Wing

The pipeline from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is a well-traveled route for sportsbook enthusiasts, but it’s also home to some of the busiest sportsbooks in the world, thankfully bettors can now visit websites like FanDuel and place their bets from home. While a big bet can move the dollar […]

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