My Muse, My Moon oh Man: Feist

This song’s been running around in my mind the last 24 hours. I’ve been thinking about the name for this site, thinking we’re not likely going to be able to keep Muse, since there’s already a magazine published under that name. So a variation’s been playing out in my thoughts, My Muse. And, as I often do, the thought running around in my head has become associated with this song which, in my mind’s ear, is now My Muse, My Man.

You can hear it, right?

But it occurs to me now that it’s a full moon day, so the song’s doubly appropriate.

I love Feist and her ideosyncratic voice, her playful, quirky, powerful presence on stage and in front of the camera. I love her music, which is as ideosyncratic, playful, quirky and powerful as she is. And I love that the video for My Moon My Man is danced out on an airport people mover. Haven’t you ever wanted to do this?! I’ve spent a lot of time in airports…I may not be able to stop myself next time. <smile>

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