Gatekeeper: My introduction to Feist

A while back I ran across the image below, The Gate Keeper, which made me think of a song of the same name, by Feist. It’s the first song of hers that I was able to put her name to, though I’m sure I’d heard her music before, and I already knew she often appeared wiith a Toronto music ‘collective’ going by the name of Broken Social Scene. It’s a pretty little song, and the live performance in the video below jazzes up the folksy melody of the studio original.



Well it’s time to begin as the summer sets in
It’s the scene
You set for new lovers
You play your part painting in a new start
But each gate will open anotherJune July and August said
“It’s probably hard to plan ahead”
June July and August said
“It’s better to bask in each others”

Gatekeeper seasons wait for your nod
Gatekeeper you held your breath
Made the summer go on and on

Well they tried to stay in from the cold and wind
Making love and making their dinner
Only to find that the love that they grew in the summer

February April said
“Don’t be fooled by the summer again”
February April said
“That half of the year, well we’ll never be friends”

Gatekeeper seasons wait for your nod
Gatekeeper you held your breath
Made the winter go on and on

Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper
Seasons wait for your nod

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  1. Gary says:

    You know, I have Feist’s album from which this song comes from but it sounds less vibrant than this live version (just as with Secret Heart, as you wrote). Clearly, she is even better in concert than on disc.

  2. Patrick says:

    Maybe there was just some magic in Paris, eh?

    It might also mean it’s time to change producers for the studio sessions.

    Some performers are best on stage, where an audience is there to lend their energy to the endeavour (I have some experience with that — there’s nothing quite like that energy), and they feel less confined by the requirements of recording, and the expectations of themselves, the producer and the engineer.

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