Deva Premal sings The Moola Mantra: a gift of love

A couple days ago, this mantra played during a peaceful, energetic, meditative moment while in a healing session with my chiropractor. It reminded me, as it often does, of the woman who gave it to me. It was my introduction to the grounding peace and tranquility of mantras. As I listened, I remembered that in just a couple days in her part of the world, now this morning, the sun would rise on the anniversary of her birth.

Deva Premal is just one of the many wonders we shared with each other, discovered together, in our epistolary love affair. It was an extraordinary time for me, part of a period that saw my already blooming heart and soul open fully to the wonder of it all and the possibility of love. Separated by hemispheres, it often felt as if we were closer than the touch of our fingers on the keyboard.

When we were finally able to touch, that love didn’t translate into the physical presence, as is sadly so often the case. Still, I cherish those days, that time, when passion for life expanded with the images, song and words we shared and, especially, the words we created for each other, the growth and healing in them. I’m thankful she found me, and was there as I was coming into bloom, breathing life onto the flower.

I hope the sun rises for her birhday this morning into a perfect sky, waves crashing on the shoreline. I hope she’s filled with awe and wonder at the possibilities of life, at the eternal nature of love, sees in herself the beauty of her spirit, and that she dances up a storm this afternoon, immersed in love and glee and the company of friends.

The Moola Mantra

Aum Sat-chit–ananda Parabrahma
Purshothama Paramathma
Sri Bhagavati Sametha
Sri Bhagavate Namaha

Meaning of the Moola Mantra

  ~ by Solomon Faber,
A Time to Heal

Amma & Bhagavan have given one mantra, the Moola Mantra. Amma & Bhagavan have blessed it and infused it with tremendous divine power, making this mantra extremely effective. Whenever you chant the Vedic Mantra even without knowing the meaning of it – it still carries power. To know the meaning and to chant the Moola Mantra from your heart is so much more powerful. Therefore it is essential to know the meaning of the mantra when you use it. Listening to the mantra is uplifting and transforming. This sacred chant invokes the energy of Amma & Bhagavan. The mantra has the power to heal. The mantra awakens the divine presence in your heart, gives states of cosmic consciousness and cures many diseases. It activates the Ajneya Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra. The calmness that the mantra gives is to be experienced. One can experience deep states of inner peace, tremendous joy and heightened awareness. It is the mantra of the Golden Age.

OM has got 100 different meanings. It is said, in the beginning was the Supreme word and the word created every thing. That word is OM. If you are meditating in silence deeply, you can hear the sound OM within. The whole creation emerged from the sound OM. It is the primordial sound or the Universal sound by which the whole universe vibrates. OM also means inviting the higher energy. This divine sound has the power to create, sustain and destroy, giving life and movement to all that exist.

SAT means, all penetrating existence that is formless, shapeless, omnipresent, attribute less, and quality less aspect of the Universe. It is the Un manifest. It is experienced as emptiness of the Universe. We could say it is the body of the Universe that is static. Every thing that has a form and that can be sensed, evolved out of this Un manifest. It is so subtle that it is beyond all perceptions. It can only be seen when it has become gross and has taken form. We are in the Universe and the Universe is in us. We are the effect and Universe is the cause and the cause manifests itself as the effect.

CHIT is the Pure Consciousness of the Universe that is infinite, omni-present manifesting power of the Universe. Out of this is evolved everything that we call Dynamic energy or force. It can manifest in any form or shape. It is the consciousness manifesting as motion, as gravitation, as magnetism, etc. It is also manifesting as the actions of the body, as thought force. It is the Supreme Spirit.

ANANDA means bliss, love and friendship nature of the Universe. When you experience either the Supreme Energy in this Creation (SAT) and become one with the Existence or experience the aspect of Pure Consciousness (CHIT), you enter into a state of Divine Bliss and eternal happiness (ANANDA). This is the primordial characteristic of the Universe, which is the greatest and most profound state of ecstasy that you can ever experience when you relate with your higher Consciousness.

PARABRAHMA is the Supreme Being in his Absolute aspect; one who is beyond space and time. It is the essence of the Universe that is with form and without form. It is the Supreme creator.

PURUSHOTHAMA has got different meanings. Purusha means soul and Uthama means the supreme; the Supreme spirit. It also means the supreme energy of force guiding us from the highest world. Purusha also means Man, and PURUSHOTHAMA is the energy that incarnates as an Avatar to help and guide Mankind and relate closely to the beloved Creation.

PARAMATMA means the supreme inner energy that is immanent in every creature and in all beings, living and non-living. It’s the indweller or the Antaryamin who resides formless or in any form desried. It’s the force that can come to you whenever you want and wherever you want to guide and help you.

SRI BHAGAVATI is the female aspect, which is characterized as the Supreme Intelligence in action, the Power (The Shakti). It is referred to as the Mother Earth (Divine Mother) aspect of the creation.

SAMETHA means together or in communion with.

SRI BHAGAVTE is the Male aspect of the Creation, which is unchangeable and permanent.

NAMAHA is salutations or prostrations to the Universe that is OM and also has the qualities of SAT-CHIT-ANANDA, that is omnipresent, unchangeable and changeable at the same time, the supreme spirit in a human form and formless, the indweller that can guide and help in the feminine and masculine forms with the supreme intelligence. I seek your presence and guidance all the time.

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  1. Karen Moonen says:

    Patrick, that was beautifully written…I’m at a loss to think of a worthy response……and thank you for the Meaning of the Moola Mantra – I will learn and cherish that :)

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks, Karen.

    And — you’re most welcome. I love sharing that piece with an appreciative audience’s ears, and soul.

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