Missy Higgins: You have opened up a new door; you can steer

This song featured in a beautiful and moving story told in the comments of of a now defunct post, Kate Miller-Heidke doesn’t like to be ‘poked’. I’ve been looking at the lyrics…I can see why it would have touched so deeply on that night.

It’s fascinating to me how the lyrics, or passages in a novel or poem, or even the scene of a film, can have so many meanings for the listeners, the readers, the viewers…the audience. There are so many more meanings than the author or writer or director or actor could ever have intended. Those meanings become part of the song or poem or film for us. In the telling of the stories associated with these we illuminate not only new ways to look at the created thing, but also we illuminate our selves for others. Since none of our experiences is entirely unique, telling these stories often evokes something universal, something shared by everyone.

I think this is why I feel compelled to write, why I felt compelled to start this blog. We are moved and inspired by the arts, and when that inspiration moves us to share our experiences, our stories, we participate in the inspiration. It’s a beautiful feeling to learn you’ve moved someone with words you’ve written. It’s a powerful beauty to see someone inspired to share their own moving experience, to participate in and expand the beauty and inspiration and move others. It’s the kind of amplification that makes the world a better place to be in.

It’s also fascinating that the genesis of this song occurred in an open space under a starlit sky, and the experience shared took place in an open space, under a starlit sky. ~ For you, Melita.

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  1. Melita Flynn says:

    Thank you so much Patrick, I am deeply touched.. It has been amazing to finally open the wound and do some healing on it in such a beautiful space…

  2. Gary says:

    Have to confess, that is the very first time I have heard a song by Missy Higgins. Nice.

    BTW, she’s branched out into acting http://www.brannuedaemovie.com/#/home

  3. Patrick says:

    lol — a Noosa friend recently posted a status msg: “It’s a Bran Nue Dae <3 !!"

    Now I get it. :)

    And, see Gary? There is some good music in Aus!

  4. Melita Flynn says:

    That’s right Gary!! We have some pretty amazing artists :-)

  5. Gary says:

    LOL. Message received. I’m an internationalists anyway so don’t judge music by where it comes from. I do rankle sometimes at hearing people here yadda yadda endlessly about the quality of local music as if to say it is the be-all and end-all. Yes there is some decent local stuff, but equally, this past year alone, I’ve heard great music coming out of Iceland, Norway, NZ, Tunisia, France, Canada and South Africa in addition to the US and UK. Rock on!

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