A selection of music from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Sarah McLachlan, I’ve been told, has perfect pitch. Her performance at the opening ceremony was also pitch-perfect. She had me the very first time she flashed that smile of hers — bright as the sun, and open like a flower in full bloom. That may seem a superficial reason to for loving her as a conga player, but whatever it is that makes that smile so engrossingly attractive suffuses the music she writes as well. Soulful, a little impish, exuding the kind of soulful peace that makes you want to be in her presence. This stood out as the live performance of the ceremony, until another Canadian chanteuse arrived at the very end.

Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now accompanied the praire sequence, with the flying boy who ran through the wheat. I enjoyed this sequence, though we spent far too much time in close-ups of the boy in flight and, I’m guessing, missed much of the spectacle unfolding on the ground with the wheat projected there. (I still have the images of the Orcas in my mind from a previous sequence — how remarkable were the images of them swimming and spouting across the floor of BC place?)

I found this very old live recording — 1968! — of two favourite Mitchell songs. Both Sides Now and The Circle Game. These are songs about the cycle of life, the ups and downs, the round and rounds, “It’s love’s illusions I recall” and “We’re captive on the carousel of time. We can’t return, we can only look behind.”

Of course, the point is to look ahead rather than behind. And love’s illusions? Mmmmm…grasp the love you find while you have it, then carry it with you through the illusions, illusions of the present, illusions of the past.

The continuing popularity Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah enjoys is kinda stunning. It seems like everyone has covered it in the past couple years. I’ve written elsewhere that any able singer can make something of it, but nobody does it better than k.d. lang, and k.d. lang never sang it better than at the 2010 opening ceremony. Several people have commented to me that listening to it gave them goose bumps.

I can understand why. The soaring voice alone…well… But lang brings also an emotional commitment to Cohen’s words, and it’s this that sets her renditions apart.

The word hallelujah is intended to be an expression of ecstacy, of divine communication. But Cohen’s poem is about despair, betrayal, futility, and the hallelujah should be a cry, a shout, a lament to the illusions Joni Mitchell identifies in Both Sides Now. This is exactly the hallelujah lang delivers…thus, the goose bumps.

Hmmmm…. interesting choices, these songs of the opening ceremonies. Hmmmm… Well, ride the cycle round and round and recall Sarah’s opener:

It seems so exceptional
That things work out after all
It’s just another
Ordinary miracle today

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  1. Stephen Guy says:

    “Circle Game” is a special song for me, I remember it from High School and my how the meanings have changed for me over the decades… I like the live version from “Miles of Isles” album mid 70’s.

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks, Steve…I’ll have to check that out.

  3. Melita Flynn says:

    I have always loved k.d langs music, thankyou for this song… Hallelujah. if you close your eyes and listen to her sing this song,you really experience the raw emotion she is feeling…i experienced something very beautiful, to feel her emotions, the story she told….Goose bumps indeed..

  4. Gary says:

    Another quality post, Patrick. Sarah Mac is one of those musicians I’ve always felt I need to get around, but so far haven’t done so. Maybe now is the time. Joni is a mega-favorite, and a songwriter I would regard as one of the all-time best (her song, ‘A Case of You’ is a defo desert Island disc for me). KD, I like, but not so much these days. On my Ipod there’s a song she sings called ”H”aint that funny” (I think) in a smouldering jazz style and it is fantastic! I know that version you pointed out, Stephen. Didn’t Joni come up with some killer LP names: Miles of Aisles – how’s that for a live album name? And her LP, Hissing of Summer Lawns – always comes to mind when summer rolls around. You could point to tons of songs for an opening ceremony in Canada, but one I reckon I would have had is Arcadian Driftwood by The Band.

    BTW, I read that the opening ceremony was produced by an Australian company…WTF!

  5. Patrick says:

    Thanks, Gary.

    Mmmm…. Sarah. [loving sigh].

    Start with Fumbling Toward’s Ecstacy…exquisite.

    I can’t remember the bloke’s name, but the Aussie who produced the Vancouver 2010 opening ceremony also did Sydney’s.

  6. Gary says:

    Dearth of good party planners in Canada?

  7. Patrick says:

    [smile] Maybe more a question of going with experience and demonstrated excellence?


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