Hunters and Collectors of Olympic medals: run run run

Heading into Whistler Village to watch the Canada vs. US hockey game with a couple thousand friends. There are almost as many Americans in town as Canadians, so this should be fun. Time to get tribal, and I can’t think of a more tribal song. From a good little Aussie outfit, Hunters & Collectors this is Run Run Run.

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  1. Alan Lee says:

    While I have rarely gotten excited about any form of tribal rivalry and find most sporting endeavours of little interest, I do love Hunters & Collectors! :) This is from their earlier work in which they were raw and bloody. I remember seeing them perform at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia around 1980 (?) where some of the percussion involved bashing old hubcaps and CIG gas cylinders. They had a loyal but small following around that time but, eventually tired to pursue a wider audience with a more commercial sound.

  2. Patrick says:

    Nice post, Alan.

    [grin] I’m pretty much down to hockey (speaking of raw and bloody lol) …well, hockey and the Olympics, Soccer World Cup and the occasional baseball World Series or playoff game. But hockey’s the only sport I still watch regular season games…and not much of those this year, either.

    As for Hunters & Collectors, a couple days ago I was looking for January Rain, which is from their Living Daylights EP, but couldn’t find a vid anywhere on the net. That EP came out the year after Human Frailty, their ‘commercial breakout’ album, I believe, featuring Throw Your Arms Around Me, probably their biggest commercial success.

    However, only 2 of their songs ever charted in the USA (ironically, their only top 10 hits in any country). Throw wasn’t among them. If not for my Aussie brother-in-law’s copy of Collected Works and a few video posts of Mark Seymour performing Throw I might not even know about them.

    I love the soft, melodious January Rain and the intense, frenetic, hyper-rhythmic Run Run Run. I like Throw Your Arms Around Me, as well, but I wonder if this song touches the Australian heart more deeply, if only due to the youthful memories associated with it.

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