Country Girls love their Mommas on Mother’s Day ~ Faith Hill

Finding an appropriate song to post for my mother on Mother’s Day proved more difficult than I expected. Searchers on “Mother” turned up a paucity of titles, and all the songs portrayed…well, I’d rather not get started on that. But I stuck with it and…finally found something in the country genre. Yes, Country Girls do love their Mommas.

By the way, Nomad Boys love their Mommas too. You can’t lose me, Mom.

If you’ve got any additional song suggestions, please post them in the comments, or via the contact form.

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  1. Gary says:

    The two songs on my Ipod that feature Mother in the title are actually not that kind to them.

    John Lennon’s ‘Mother’ which he recorded during his post Beatle days in the Plastic Ono Band is a cry from the heart about how his mother abandoned him as a child – ‘Mother, you had me, but I never had you’.

    The other song is by Sinead O’Connor, ‘This is to Mother You’, is a love song, not from child to mother but woman to man and doesn’t put mums in very good light also. ‘For when you need me, I’ll do what your mother didn’t do, which is to mother you…’

    As you alluded to, other songs – thankfully not on my Ipod – that feature the word ‘mother’ in the lyrics are usually found in rap songs, and the less said about them the better.

    But one song that is very positive about mums, and was written by the songwriter about his mum is ‘True Colours’ made popular by Cyndi Lauper.

  2. Patrick says:

    Yes, well, don’t even think about getting Roger Waters started! One would think that his mother was personally responsible for nearly every brick in that wall.

    True Colours makes me weep, man. I get all tied up in knots listening to that song. I never realised the writer had his mother in mind, though!

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