Paul Simon ~ slip slidin’ my way from the blues to the rainbow’s loving hues

A day of sunshine and warm summery breezes, moving conversation and revealed transformations, a day of intimacy and worries unburdened, of gratitude and the most difficult of life’s moments shared… A day not so much impervious to the hardships, the horrors, the blues, but one that finds itself on the other side of them, finds the lessons in the experience, the beauty of the beings that survive them, and discovers the rainbow of colours beyond. A day of music, and plenty, and love.

I love the bluesy inflection of this Paul Simon pop tune. The lament flows through me; I find the beauty in the blue, its truth, and realise the slide has ended for me, ended a while ago.

Love is all the colours of the rainbow: the cold hard blues, the warm ambers and playful yellows, the hot passionate reds and healing greens, all radiating from a heart filled with gratitude.

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