A gentle inner tube ride downriver ~ Joe Walsh

Imagine a scorching hot summer day, a blistering sun rising higher and higher into the sky. You’ve been baking for weeks in this weather and your skin is brown, armoured against the UV with a waterproof 5,000 SPF screen, hat and shades. The river’s surface roils gently in the inexorable flow to the ocean. Feet and hands and your ass cool in the water, but you dare not move a muscle, or your exposed skin will sizzle on the black rubber of your innertube. Your iPod shuffle, in its ziploc baggie, moves to the next song in your tranquility playlist and strains of Joe Walsh’s album, But Seriously, Folks rise in your earbuds.

Ahhh, it’s Inner Tube a song intended exactly for today as your tube lazily drifts and aimlessly twirls in the perfect summer heat. Mmmmm….

A momentary swiftness…swirling rifts of white water douse you, cool the rubber, so you shift a little in the wet refreshment, sink a little deeper into the blissful peace of water and sunshine and lazy thoughts of nothing at all. Your worries and concerns ebb away to the ocean of tranquility that is the river’s destination.

This is the perfect summer song for a languid sunny summer weekend day away from everything, away from it all, an adventure into the peace of your own spirit. You’ll remember this day, later, and the Monday blahs will seem less blah, while the Thursday anticipation — as another perfect weekend is forecast — will feed your Friday so that the hours fly by.

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