A 'headshot' taken on set and used for a prop.

Taken on set by the property master
as a prop for 'Little Girl Lost.' (2008)

This is not really a blog about films, songs or the written word. The posts here are written about the human spirit and about spirituality. Particular songs, movies and books punctuate many of the spiritual experiences of my life, so I tell the stories of those experiences, what I learned from them, how they helped me grow, or touched my heart, or made me weep or laugh or feel the wonder of it all. More than that, a particular song, book or film often comes my way when I need it most, providing critical insight, understanding and guidance.

This is a journey rather than a guide. I don’t propose to tell anyone how to think, or what to believe. I can’t say that I have any particularly unique ideas — the ancients were far wiser than I. But I like to write about beauty and love, about what is essential and true so I try to write articles that are beautiful, loving and essentially true, even if only true to my own heart, my own spirit. Even though I’m not saying anything new, perhaps I do find my own way of saying it.

I hope you enjoy journeying with me. Please, as a fellow pilgrim, do feel free to make the visit personal. I’d love to hear your views, read about your experiences, know how these films and songs and books have affected your life. So don’t be shy, comment to your heart’s content. And, yes, I appreciate criticism as much as praise. Just be nice.