22It’s bigger on the inside
3What’s that sound? ~ All Along the Watchtower, Bear McCreary style.
1I can love that tune on the very first chord ~ Donny Hathaway

11Normalizing Celebrity ~ On the beauty of being vs. the glamour of fame.
11You’re not bad. You’re just in pain ~ Scent of a Woman
11To be kissed and salted ~ here is a picture
4Don’t Drink The Water ~ A troubadour of the first order.
31I Miss the Adulation, he said. I do not miss him, at all.

26Jethro Tull’s Journeyman ~ Kick back and enjoy the ride
21Uncomfortably numb ~ David Gilmour and I can’t put our finger on it

2Letting go, moving on, going forward ~ Camel and Ice
19Trundling across Terra Incognita ~ Gondwanaland
19Tumare Darshan ~ The essence of Noosa
15Explore Within ~ Chances are Sheryl Crow can take you there
14Before and After ~ Stephen Mitchell’s Second Book of the Dao
28Matches and the eternal sunshine of the spotless soul ~ Lawrence of Arabia
26Dog & Butterfly ~ The beauty and bliss of reaching higher than you can grasp
21The trick … is not minding that it hurts ~ Lawrence of Arabia
17Beginning again with Sacred ~ Lotus Feet & Shakti
15Finding love within the depths ~ Asa — Subway
9A gentle inner tube ride downriver ~ Joe Walsh
16Bodhisattvas of Science ~ Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Nye sing to the rhythm of the universe
13Watery Rhythms ~ Deva Premal sings of Oshun, Goddess of rivers, seashores and love
12Paul Simon ~ slip slidin’ my way from the blues to the rainbow’s loving hues
1War Prayers ~ Mark Twain and Lao Tse on the artlessness of war
31The second book of The Way ~ Stephen Mitchell illuminates the Tao again.
30Jason Bourne and identity — who am I?
29We’re too good to be this political ~ Be the change you want to see in the world
27Revelations on the cycle of life & death, and spirit ~ Blaise Smith Band
24Desert Dragstrip ~ Zen and the Art of Observation at any Speed
23Your heart’s desire; the fear of having it all ~ Dave Matthews & George Bernard Shaw
16Bif Naked is my bright mantra ~ Everyday
14Dave Matthews ~ Minstrel of love, patience, perseverance in The Space Between
9Country Girls love their Mommas on Mother’s Day ~ Faith Hill
8Love, strength and courage ~ The greatest things you’ll ever learn
7Fusion for the jazzily inclined :: Shakti, Brand-X, Return to Forever & Pat Metheny
5Bringing Latin passion to fusion and the future ~ Al Di Meola’s Elegant Gypsy
28Amazing Grace comes in small packages ~ Rhema Marvanne
26Get Miles Away to find your way home ~ Gomez, Thomas Moore and Tristan
24Cycling Mantras ~ Establishing Desert Rhythms
22I know why you’re crying ~ Orbison & lang know why too
21Passport to Paradise ~ Three songs you’ve almost certainly never heard before…
20Hearts traveling faster than the speed of love ~ the B-52s, Topaz
19Teach Your Children Well ~ A Manifesto
183 Things I Learned About Rejection By Being Accepted ~ A Traveller’s Tale
17Take It Easy ~ Zen and the Art of Simplicity
16The Dao de Jing ~ The transformational quality of seeing the beauty in all things.
15Annie’s Song ~ Notes on observing the sacraments of a sacred life
10Grace on my mind, and in my heart ~ Dave Matthews
9Neil Young: He came dancing across the water
6Blade Runner ~ do androids weep electric tears?
1The Fool’s day in April
30Language is a Virus ~ Laurie Anderson
29Cloudbusting a rainy day in Vancouver: Kate Bush is in my subconscious
28Tijuana Cartel takes a Holiday in Baghdad, but I’m wishing I was in Freo
28Nothing Else Matters when Bif Naked is your muse
21Ingrid Karklins: A Passion to Race the Sky
18Trying to figure out this life: I’m with you, Avril Lavigne
17Remembering with Shakti: Lotus Feet and Vancouver’s Sea Wall
12Wild Horses: everyone covers the Rolling Stones
10The English Patient: the love that sustains you
9The Tao of Love and Light: Riffing on physics and faith
7Peter Gabriel’s “So” — change is coming down like red rain
6Neil Young: Don’t Cry No Tears Around Me
2To Kill a Mockingbird: the courage of Atticus Finch
2Courage is…: Joannie Rochette & Petra Majdič
23The Philosopher Kings all dressed up for San Francisco, bringing their charms
22Sheryl Crow is strong enough to be my man…
21Hunters and Collectors of Olympic medals: run run run
18Quotes and notes regarding Gregory David Roberts’ Shantaram
18Black and white, darkness without light: a spiritual journey begins on a Three Dog Night
15A selection of music from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
14Peter Gabriel & Ken Follet: Fear, the mother of violence
11The party has already begun: 2010 in Vancouver and I Believe
11Akira Yamaoka: and now for something completely different, Maria
10Deva Premal: the tranquility of Gayatri Mantra
9Missy Higgins: You have opened up a new door; you can steer
8Roberta Flack & Johnny Cash: The first time ever I heard your voice
8Who are they? A former supergroup at the Super Bowl with still a bit of super left.
7The beginning of a beautiful friendship: Rick and Louie in Casablanca
6A Manual on the Art of Fiction, fact and truth
6Deva Premal sings The Moola Mantra: a gift of love
5Butterflies: Hope for the caterpillars
5Fleetwood Mac and my summer of love
4Speaking of spew… Jack Nicholson can’t handle the Witches of Eastwick.
4Winnie the Pooh and the Vinegar Tasters
4The Butterfly through the eyes of Zorba the Greek
3On the Edge of Seventeen: Stevie Nicks & Gabriella Cilmi
3Nothing Sweet About Me: Gabriella Cilmi’s enthralling presence
3Gabriella Cilmi: Lessons to be learned and feel a little safer
3Tijuana Cartel: dancing to the key of coast
2I Can See Your House From Here. It’s made of Ice, and there’s a Camel parked outside.
2Gatekeeper: My introduction to Feist
1Robert McNamara’s Fog of War
31Secret Heart: Feist Covers Sexsmith LIVE
31My Muse, My Moon oh Man: Feist
30Rainy Days and Mondays: Karen Carpenter’s effervescense
30Fugitive Peace
28Beauty, Cathedrals, Purpose: The Pillars of the Earth
28Om Namo Bhagavate: Deva Premal ~ Tranquil Mantra
27Contact: When science learns faith…
27Traveling to Los Angeles to Las Vegas