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Trusted Sites To Buy Viagra Online >> Private and simple orders

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The Tardis: Bigger on the Inside

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What’s that sound? ~ All Along the Watchtower, Bear McCreary style.

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 soundtrack by Bear McCreary

It’s a rare enough thing that television offers art of remarkable quality, but (imho) Battlestar Galactica — the “reimagined” series which aired beginning in 2003 — did just that. Not only in its scripts, cinematography, visual effects and acting, but also the soundracks scored by Bear McCreary and (for the […]

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Normalizing Celebrity ~ On the beauty of being vs. the glamour of fame.

If Madonna were just like normal people

A fellow film colleague posted a link to a set of celebrity images. Some of those images had been photoshopped by Danny Evans to give his “artist’s impression” of what these celebrities might have looked like without makeup, hair stylists, fashion stylists, diets, personal trainers, botox and a battery of […]

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Drug prices canada vs us

The Match Scene ~ Lawrence of Arabia

Metaphor. I love metaphor. Matches. I just posted one about matches. Matches and pain. This one isn’t about pain. Not at all. It’s about perfection. This one is about the fire that burns inside each of us. Well, maybe there’s a little pain. It’s the pain you feel in your […]

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The trick … is not minding that it hurts ~ Lawrence of Arabia

The Match Scene ~ Lawrence of Arabia

I’ve always loved this scene introducing Peter O’Toole in David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia. In a film rife with extraordinary storytelling and wisdom, it remains my favourite. In hindsight perhaps it’s the spiritual undertone of Lawrence’s statement that’s always intrigued me most because, of course, Lawrence isn’t only talking about […]

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Jason Bourne and identity — who am I?

Robert Ludlum ~ The Bourne Identity

Who are you? Are you the sum of your experiences, your actions, your memories? Are you your dreams, your plans, your aspirations, the person you’ll someday become? Are you your past, or your destiny or your present? The best films in any genre are always the ones that touch on […]

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Blade Runner ~ do androids weep electric tears?

Roy Batty ~ Time to Die

Blade Runner is among my favourite films. In a veritable symphony of cinematic elements — cinematography, script, production design, soundtrack, direction, acting — it doesn’t miss a note. The film touches on all the major themes of the human condition: love, death, good and evil, redemption, justice, ethics, greed, passion. […]

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Language is a Virus ~ Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson ~ Language is a Virus

I’ve had a life-long fascination with progressive rock and the avante garde movement in music. Bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Jethro Tull for sure, but also some more obscure folks you weren’t likely to hear on the radio. People like Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, John Cage and […]

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