Dog & Butterfly ~ The beauty and bliss of reaching higher than you can grasp

Heart ~ Dog & Butterfly

Heart’s Dog & Butterfly has been on my mind and in my ears a lot the last few days, both the album and the title song from it. I love the song for the mirthful image of a dog futilely leaping after a fluttering butterfly, and for its wisdom in […]

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Get Miles Away to find your way home ~ Gomez, Thomas Moore and Tristan

Gomez ~ get miles, from Bring it On

The year 2000 was an extraordinary one. It was the year I wrote and produced my play, Prisoners, which in itself marked several milestones on my spiritual path. And there was this girl. A dark beauty who rekindled my passion for music. Gomez was just one of the bands we […]

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Missy Higgins: You have opened up a new door; you can steer

Missy Higgins ~ You can steer

This song featured in a beautiful and moving story told in the comments of of a now defunct post, Kate Miller-Heidke doesn’t like to be ‘poked’. I’ve been looking at the lyrics…I can see why it would have touched so deeply on that night. It’s fascinating to me how the […]

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